Your college major is a pretty good indication of how smart you are

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Do students who choose to major in different fields have different academic aptitudes? This question is worth investigating for many reasons, including an understanding of what fields top students choose to pursue, the diversity of talent across various fields, and how this might reflect upon the majors and occupations a culture values.

In order to explore this, I used five different measures of US students’ academic aptitude, which span 1946 to 2014, and discovered that the rank order of cognitive skills of various majors and degree holders has remained remarkably constant for the last seven decades.

An important caveat: The data presented looks only at group averages and does not speak to the aptitude of specific individuals. Obviously there are people with high academic aptitude in every major and there can be larger aptitude differences between entire schools—for example the University of Chicago and a local community college—than between majors within a…

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Temporary Fire Station Coming To San Diego’s Skyline Area

A temporary fire station will soon open in the Skyline area of San Diego, which suffers from slow response times.

The $400,000 station, which is slated to open in April, will serve as a placeholder until a permanent facility can be built for the neighborhood. Construction for the temporary station began on Monday.

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San Diego Police And Fire Train For Shooter At Scripps Memorial Hospital

The San Diego Police Department, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department and Scripps Health came together to train for the worst: the remote possibility that someone decided to shoot up the hospital.

“We don’t want to think about active shooter situations, but this is the unfortunate reality of what’s occurring and happening throughout the United States and throughout the world today,” said San Diego Police Chief Shelly Zimmerman.

Approximately 280 hospital, law enforcement and fire department personnel came together for the exercise at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla on Friday.

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San Diego’s First Medical Marijuana Permit Faces Last Bureaucratic Hurdle

San Diego could have its first legal medical marijuana dispensary this week, but the pot pioneer and his opposition have fought at every step in the process.

The medical marijuana collective A Green Alternative is set to become San Diego’s first officially permitted medical pot shop, almost 20 years after voters passed Proposition 215, allowing for medical cannabis.

David Blair holds a doctorate in business, teaches business ethics at San Diego State University and is the chief executive officer of A Green Alternative.

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Using drones for all kinds of things in Tijuana including smuggling.

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la droga mas cara la cruzan en drones a eu

Por el valor callejero de la doga en San Diego.

Por Vicente Calderón

Tijuana, sábado 24 de enero de 2015.

El cargamento de droga del Dron que cayó cerca del Casino Caliente, ubicado en el Centro Comercial Pueblo Amigo, estaría valuado en más de 50 mil dólares, de acuerdo a los cálculos de agencias federales norteamericanas.

Una libra de metanfetamina en las calles de San Diego podría producir hasta 10 mil dólares según estiman autoridades estadounidenses que combaten el contrabando internacional.

Las estimaciones de las agencias policiacas varían significativamente. En algunos casos puede ser 4 dólares por libra una vez comercializada en norteamerica, pero es muy común que a la metanfetamina le atribuyan un valor cercano (o incluso superior) a los 10 mil dólares por libra.

El dron que se desplomó la semana pasada en Tijuana cerca de la garita de San Ysidro, llevaba aproximadamente 6 libras de la droga…

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CHP Plays Santa To Barrio Logan Kids

For the second year in a row, San Diego’s California Highway Patrol officers handed out more than 1,000 new toys on Tuesday for their “CHiPs for Kids” holiday charity program.

In Barrio Logan, hundreds of kids turned up to see Santa and Chipper, the mascot for the California Highway Patrol.

“It’s fantastic to see their eyes light up as we drive in,” said CHP Sgt. Jim McNamar.

Emily Valverde, who helped organize the event, said having law enforcement interact with the community can have a positive impact on the kids.

“Most of the time kids see the police officer as someone not approachable. This gives them the opportunity to see they can be your friends,” she said.

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Writing Art with Computer Code

Creating art by programming computers is cutting edge for both computer programming and art. The students in Margaret Noble’s art class at High Tech High’s Media Art Center are walking up to that edge and trying to push past it.

Not only did the students have to learn a computer language, but they also had to choose a subject on which to focus their art. More than 50 students chose subjects ranging from police brutality to noise pollution to post-traumatic stress.

And none of the young artists touched a paintbrush or pencil to create their art. The artworks were made one line of computer code at a time.

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