10-Million Broadband Lines Down: Including the Department of Defense

Between midnight and 1 AM Century Link Fibertron learned that one of its broadband lines was cut. The line carried information for upwards of 10 million users. Among the customers affected was the Department of Defense, including Marin Corps Air Station Miramar and Naval Base San Diego.

In a press release San Diego Sheriff’s says

“A “cut” has been discovered on Alpine Blvd., in the vicinity of Peutz Valley. It appears that 75 feet of fiber optic cable was taken along with 6 feet of 600 strand copper cable. There are Tech’s on scene trying to repair the damage at this time … This fiber optic cable is the backbone that runs Century Link Fibertron’s nationwide network, including Miramar and 32nd street Naval Base. AT&T was also affected on the Verizon network side. “

Reportedly it could take 17-hours to repair

Watch KSWB FOX5 News for continuing coverage. (click HERE to watch KSWB FOX5 Morning News)

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