AM Briefing from for February 6, 2013


This morning family members of a man shot and killed by San Diego police will rally and talk to the media. Last June 31-year-old Victor Ortega was shot and killed after a scuffle with an officer. Ortega’s family is claiming that he was handcuffed; however police say he was not. According to a 10-News report an autopsy says Ortega’s writs had impressions consistent with handcuffs however police say that one of the cuffs wasn’t attached. The only witness was a young man that herd the altercation from the other side of a wooden fence. The family will be talking with the media at 9am this morning in front of San Diego’s Hall of Justice.

Today the San Diego County Board of Supervisors will look at a proposed 43-acre solar energy plant. Initially the county approved the construction of the plant but then Laborers International Union of North America Local 89, the Ramona Community Planning Group, and Citizens for a Rural Ramona filed an appeal. A union representative says “There’s no question we need alternative energy, but in the right places and under the right conditions”

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