Feds: Dorner May Have Fled to Mexico, May Have Accomplice

Feds: Dorner May Have Fled to Mexico, May Have Accomplice


LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Is triple murder suspect Christopher Dorner hiding in Mexico? And does he have an accomplice who helped him make his escape?

Police said at a news conference on Tuesday morning that they are now investigating over 1,000 clues, and the investigation is going in many directions.

They’ve seen about a 400 percent increase in tips since the $1 million reward was announced, Lt. Andy Neiman said.

“It is frustrating and we’re hopeful that something will break loose from the public and that these investigative leads will result in something positive in terms of bringing this to a conclusion,” he added.

The search for Dorner, a former LAPD officer and Navy Reserve lieutenant, is now in its sixth day.

One theory about where Dorner could be is that he may have fled to Mexico.

That comes from an affidavit filed by an inspector with the U.S. Marshals…

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